Little talks

Me: I like your nail polish. It’s really pretty.

C: Thank you! I just got this one at Walmart and it lasts so much longer than the more expensive ones.

Me: Well, the more expensive nail polish is for people who don’t work with their hands.

C: (smiles)


Me: I feel like all I ever have are teenage girl problems.

S: You’re a teenage girl.

I can talk

M: Wait, Brenda are you interested in going into magazine publishing or investigative journalism?

Me: (“YES“) I don’t know. Maybe.

A: Don’t give her any ideas.


Me: Can I ask you something?


Me: Hello?


Me: Why won’t you talk to me?



Everybody talks

Me: Good morning.

J: Hello. (pause) I guess you’re going to leave now because Kenny‘s over there.

Me: Don’t be silly.


Everyone: Aren’t you excited? Aren’t you?

Me: I am.


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