Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

I feel so much more whole since the last time I wrote to you. Please don’t worry about me.

Then again, worrying is what mothers do, like when you worried about the long cut on my face from playing football with the boys. Or when you worried when I meant it when I said I would hate you forever for turning off the Gamecube before I could save the game. Or when you worried when you thought I came home in tears becasue of a boy. Or when you continued to worry because I was upset from a fight with my best friend.

I am so grateful for the sheer amount of freedom you allowed me as a kid, however reckless a teenager I’ve become as a result. You didn’t let me get away with everything, though. I remember nights spent perfecting my handwriting at the dining table, writing the O’s over and over this way not that way. I remember getting in trouble for losing my sandals in the ivy bushes during a game of tag.

I remember dorky mother-daughter moments, like belting out to Britney Spears in the car. We talked about our dreams in the same car, and you told me about how much you wanted to open your own restaurant. I told you I believed in you. I can trace paralells between us even now. I continue to obsess over Pokemon and Disney in the same way you collected the respective cards and movies. The color lavender has grown on me. You’re the purple ribbon in my senior project. Your sisters never fail to tell me we have the same eyes though I don’t quite have your wavy hair as much as I want to. We’ve both always been people-people. People have criticized us for being too stubborn to admit we’re wrong.

I just wanted to let you know that I’m happy, and that I hope that you are safe and happy, too.



Reasons I’m thankful for my aunt 

  • providing the one place I know I can call home
  • forgiveness
  • patience
  • dealing with my childishness
  • dealing with my mood swings
  • dealing with my recklessness
  • letting me hang out with people you don’t approve of
  • being a goofball
  • telling it like it is
  • giving me room to grow
  • tough love
  • unconditional love
  • believing in me
  • doing everything a mom is supposed to do and so much more




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