It’s been three weeks since commencement.

Oh hey I was there.

There’s proof of my physical presence. I can’t say I was there in any other way, though. It was too surreal. I was certainly ready to leave high school and Homestead , but I forgot that there are a number of things I won’t be returning to. Like, ever. There are some things I will miss, others…not so much.

Things like:

  • mindful walks to school
  • mindful walks from school
  • cutting calc whenever I was having a bad morning
  • (I still can’t believe I got away with 6 unverified absences 2nd semester)
  • taking half hour bathroom breaks in gov/econ
  • the way certain doors threatened to squish me
  • maneuvering through dumb crowds during passing periods
  • retreating into the journalism room
  • blaming teachers for everything
  • criticizing teachers/admin for being incompetent
  • passing nonsense notes
  • the “I don’t care so it doesn’t matter” attitude
  • morning chills and huddles in the quad
  • mooching off others’ food
  • being mooched off of
  • lingering in the halls before entering class

High school was just too much senseless competition and masks and angst and imaginary obligations. On top of that people’s lives exploded uncannily and simultaneously within the same four years and that was quite a bit to deal with. People are so different than who they used to be; people never really change. Only fairly recently was I able to understand that cliche.

Now that we’re out of the public education system we’re free to choose what to do with our lives from here. That’s sort of exciting.

Let me know how it goes.


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