Summer and autumn

When it rained briefly on Wednesday I understood that summer was finally drawing to a close. It will be time for me to change my desktop background to something more mellow and to take down the hammock in the backyard and to put away the flip-flops.

I love autumn.

That’s not what this post is about, though.

As a general rule I hate summer. I also am not fond of my own birthday, which falls in the same season. It’s for this reason (rhyme unintended) I first picked up the first Harry Potter book, because I identified so strongly with his similar attitudes.

That’s not what this post is about.

Actually, I was going to write up a list of all the things that happened this summer. I found this one atypical in that I was not bored to tears and I did not have time in my boredom to collapse under the bad thoughts that would haunt me in the heat. It was eventful. Whenever I use that word it means it involved a number of crises and exultation, and a whole lot of mood swings.

So, this summer I have:

  • aced my psychology class
  • tasted rose cardamom ice cream
  • been on the train 5 times
  • spent 6 nonconsecutive late hours wrapping egg rolls
  • seriously contemplated running away from home and made appropriate preparations
  • lied
  • been told the truth
  • thrown tantrums
  • cried myself to sleep
  • reread my favorite book
  • read a new favorite book
  • been tremendously inspired
  • cut my hair shorter than I ever remember having it
  • done unmentionable thug life Thursday activities
  • slept in the garage
  • almost fell asleep in my backyard around midnight
  • been given a bloody nose
  • stared and stared at the full moon
  • been forgiven
  • had multiple people upset with me all at the same time
  • been called a whore
  • been called beautiful
  • been called an asshole by someone I wish thought better of me
  • been accused of stubbornness
  • ripped out pages from a journal
  • saw pages of my journal go down the shredder
  • sat next to a man smoking a pipe
  • attempted vegetarianism
  • memorized three pages of a four page poem
  • danced
  • been to Sacramento (not that impressive)
  • figured out three unrelated wordplay related things
  • reevaluated my stance on faith
  • contemplated the meaning of life, again, again
  • watched the sunrise from a car, appreciated the cliché brilliance
  • saw the sea the way Homer saw it, wine-dark
  • decided that when I grow up I want to be a well-dressed old lay like the ones I’m meeting
  • reevaluated myself

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