Some motivation

This is the paper that my English paper returned today in class. (I apologize for the sloppy work. I updated my computer and I have to re-obtain Photoshop but am making do with Paint.)

I got a B+ on this in-class narrative essay on “A Place of Significance.” Her comment, if you can’t read it, says, “Good attempt.”

Good attempt.

She might as well have written, “Nice try.”

“Good” is the word you use when people ask how you’re doing and you don’t feel like talking to them. “Good” is the word you use when people ask how the food is and you’re too polite to tell them you want to vomit.

“Attempt” is the word you use when someone makes a valiant effort but ultimately fails. “Attempt” implies that the action is not expected to be “attempted” again.  It implies no further expectations.


I laughed out loud when I read this comment and saw my grade and the guy next to me leaned over because he thought I’d received 100%.

I don’t necessarily think I deserved an A or that I don’t deserve a B. I’m just a bit stunned at such an abrupt, condescending, useless comment from my professor. Even “needs improvement” would have sufficed.

The purpose of this post is a reminder for me to work harder. I need to rise above having made a “good attempt.” I will be more than that, and that is a promise to myself.


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