What I Am Is Tired of You Asking What I Am

Mixed American Life

Once at work I was approached by a couple of older white men. I greeted them with the usual “Hello, how can I help you?” to which one of them paused before asking, “Where are you from?”

Tight-lipped but cheerily I answered, “I live in Sunnyvale not too far away from here.” The two men looked at each other and the bald one tried again, “But where are you really from?” to which I answered with “Well, I was born and raised in San Jose but I moved here for middle school. Now what can I get you today?” They were persistent and kept at it: “But what are you?” and so on as I smiled my customer service smile and completed their order so I could get to the next customer.

These experiences are not limited to strangers, but also by young children I come across, classmates, and coworkers…

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One thought on “What I Am Is Tired of You Asking What I Am

  1. I love the title of this article! It’s a good snarky response to all the invasive questioning. Call me Grumpy Cat.

    I don’t mind the questions if I like you – but the assumptiveness that I’m okay with answering your probing questions when I don’t know your intentions – ugh!

    Brenda has done it again. Another detailed post that makes you question your assumptions.

    Topics covered in this one:

    What are you?
    Where are you from?
    No, where are you really from?
    Why are you so offended?
    Things to realize
    How to do better with your curiosity

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